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I.P.A. India Pale Ale India Pale Ale is a style of ale noted and praised for it’s bitterness. Our traditional IPA has been modeled after the original IPAs of England. Golden in color, this ale offers the drinker a highly hopped, bold beer whose full flavor dances on the palate. ABV 6.2% 70 IBUs SRM 5.5

Kolsch A German style ale originating in Cologne (coincidently one of Indianapolis' sister cities) this beer is light crisp with strong Noble hop presence. Great during the warmer Summer weather. ABV 5.25%  20 IBUs  SRM 4

Wobbly Rob A close friend of our popular beer Wobbly Bob. Light copper in color, this pale ale has a great citrus aroma from the generous use of American hops. ABV 5.0%  30 IBUs  SRM 6

Traveling John’s Best Bitter This smooth ale strikes a delicate balance between the caramelized specialty malts and flowery hop bouquet. Very drinkable. ABV 5.3% 31 IBUs SRM 11

Lawn Mower Pale Ale The Lawn Mower Pale Ale is a light, slightly sweet, delicately hopped blonde ale. Appropriately named for it's thirst-quenching abilities. Very quaffable. ABV 5.0% 17 IBUs SRM 3

Red Bird Rye Our ever popular Red Bird Mild with a hint of rye malt. The rye gives this beer a slightly dry spicy finish, perfect for hot summer days.  ABV 4.5%  20 IBUs  SRM 15

Cask Ales Served slightly warmer than our other beers and with low carbonation, our cask ales are served through traditional English beer engines for an authentic ale-drinking experience.

Finneen's Auld Sod Stout Roasted barley flavor dominates this Irish style Dry Stout. Medium in body and extremely thirst quenching. By the way, "Auld (Old) Sod" is the Irish people's nickname for Ireland. ABV 5.0% 31 IBUs SRM 35

ESB Extra Special Bitter Bitter is a traditional English pub draught. Extra Special defines a stronger, maltier version. Our bitter is brewed using generous amounts of malt and kettle hops. This ale leaves the drinker with a hop aftertaste balanced with the sweetness of the malt. In 1991 ESB was the first Indiana beer to win a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival and in 1999 was the first beer to win Best of Show at the Indiana State Fair. ABV 5.6% 35 IBUs SRM 15